Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Simple Truth of the Mid-Terms

My first blog (well, at least outside of the advertising industry).  My first collection of simple reasoning from an unreasonable man.  I hope many of you return to find that this blog is a muse, a mind-opener and a conversation provoking journal of world affairs, both current and historic.
On Tuesday, America witnessed a re-balance of power with the mid-term elections.  And America spoke.  So easy to say, but who really spoke?  And what exactly were they saying?  Pundits, analysts and every political talking head began deciphering the elections on Wednesday morning.  Spelling out exactly what had just happened...or at least what they would like us to think just happened.
What happened is that many Americans actually voted, the rest of you attention-seekers just posted a hip little "I voted" badge on your Facebook page to tout your intelligence and connection with the world, neither of which actually exist.

I'll never profess to be an expert on anything, but I can tell you that balance was restored to our nation this week.  But at a cost.  President Obama finally has to listen to his GOP rivals.  He actually has to work with them on fixing this mess we're in.  Sadly, it took getting his ass whooped to realize that it takes a village to raise a child.  For those of you having trouble keeping up, the village is government, the child is America.  As far as I'm concerned, that child is shit-busted ugly right now.  Ever been to the grocery store and seen a kid that's so overweight and disgusting that you don't want to look but at the same time can't look away?  That's us.
At any rate, it seems the trojan horse trick still works.  We've opened the door to bible-beaters, drunks and the Tea Party.  America was so fed up with our own shortcomings that we voted Barack Obama into office in 2008.  And now we're so fed up with his ignorance, lack of realism and vision that we let the Tea Party roll into town.  If there's a silver lining it is that Obama and company will no longer be able to cut deals behind closed doors and push through every agenda on their list without a good fight.  And every issue should have to hold up to an opponent and find balance between both sides.  I personally loath Obama, I despise the Tea Party, and more than anything I can't stand government overspending in the name of "goodwill".  But we are a nation of "representation".  And Obama represents many Americans.  As does the Tea Party.  And the Libertarian Party.  The left, the right, the middle, the fat and the ugly. All represented.  There's plenty of food on the table, so let's share.

The simple truth about any election in a democratic society is that someone always loses (or in this case, gets their ass waxed on an epic level).  A majority of people will always be satisfied, while a minority will always be left disheartened.  The loser goes back to their corner to regroup and wait for the fickle American public to get fed up with the guys who won, and in a couple of years the loser comes back out of hiding and parades "hope" and "change" and "honesty" back to society.  We fall for it, give the vote back and continue a non-sensical cycle of insanity for another two years.
So I'll leave you with this; if you're pissed off about the mid-term elections, cool your jets.  You'll be even more pissed off in 2012 when you get hammered again and we vote a young pot-smoking Republican into the White House.  He'll have two years to push everything through the House and Senate until the 2014 mid-terms, where he and his party members will get destroyed, lose seats all over the country and balance will once again be restored for a couple of years.  And you'll smile again.  You may not have a roof over your head or a job to go to, but Americans love nothing more than a good "win".  Regardless of the cost.

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  1. I'd say that I actually agree with 60% of what you wrote...I'm glad the Republicans got a landslide victory. Now they will be held accountable for something other than stalling any sort of bi-partisan cooperaton that they themselves hope for heading forward. I find it funny that when you're not in power you refuse to "work together", yet when you gain power you demand it, but then again, isn't that human nature? I think we could have had a true kick ass healthcare reform if republicans had been willing to concede some pride in their election loss and done what they know was necessary for the people. I think we can all agree that the healthcare system is broken and is a financial burden that is only getting worse with time but what I'm looking foward to seeing is which taxes will be cut that the republicans keep talking about-with lack of specifics I might add-but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt as they get their new caucus together...As I learned in grade school, the president doesn't control the economy, nor create jobs, it's not their role in a free market society but since that seems to be the idea nowadays I'll assume that's false. If the current administration which has only been in power for a year and 10 months has four years to serve, I think it's only fair they get the full four years to prove themselves, afterall, we gave the last administration a full 8 to "ruin the economy". Then again, as Americans we love our instant positive results.